Large formats

//Large formats

HP Latex 570

  • Resolution 1200 X 1200 DPI HP
  • Latex  print technology: latex printing has a longer durability for outdoor & indoor use, and its inks release no air pollutant during printing.
  • Maximum size: 64 in x 100 ft
  • Multiple media options such as vinyls, adhesives, specialty films, fabrics, papers, wallcoverings, canvas, synthetics and perforated media.
  • Variable print speed based on your needs:
    • 248 sq.ft./h  Quality mode (6 runs)
    • 150 sq.ft./h  High definition mode  (10 runs)
    • 100 ft./h  Backlight mode (12 runs)
    • 64 sq.ft./h  Textile mode (16 runs)
  • 7-color printing (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer) for optimal visual rendering.

HP LX850

  • Color-rich printing with great finesse in detail, thanks to 6-color latex printing technology and up to 1200 dpi resolution.
  • Its print speed makes it ideal for high volume production.
  • Wide variety of printable media for large format displays, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Backlight printing for light boxes, vinyl banners, all purpose adhesive vinyls (murals, fences, vehicles, interior decoration…), wide range of fabrics for commercial or artistic display.
  • Latex prints have long durability for both exterior and interior. In addition, these inks are environmentally friendly, with no air pollutants during printing.
  • Maximum width: 120″

Silkscreen Printing AGFA ANA PURNA H2500i LED

  • High-quality prints on a wide range of uncoated rigid substrates, as well as on flexible substrates. For industrial production, suitable for heavy workloads
  • UV LED lamps, ideal for all thermosensitive materials
  • This technology is a good solution to save time and money and preserve the environment.
  • High productivity, enhanced by multi-panel mode and automatic feeding system
  • UV fast-drying ink, accepting a large number of materials and for a very wide varitety of colors.
  • Maximum size: 4 x 8 feet and up to 2″ thick

Graphtec FC8600

  • High-performance cutter for adhesive vinyl cutting, with or without lamination, thanks to its high operating speed and high accuracy.
  • Allows cutting up to 64” wide and at minimum 1/4” for lettering, logos, stickers…
  • It is considered the most powerful cutting plotter in its class.

ZÜND Océ ProCut digital cutting table

  • High quality digital cutting table
  • Optical referencing for 100% precision cutting
  • Can be used for cutting vinyl, cardboard, thick Gatorfoam, DIBOND and even delicate textiles
  • Maximum size: 128″ large X 124″ long

Finishing and other services for large formats

Quadriscan offers a complete range of large format finishing for all types of digital printing, specializing in commercial signage, advertising, museums, art exhibitions and events.

  • Numerous types of lamination
  • Adhesive paper or vinyl on a wide variety of rigid materials: Board, DieBond, Foamcore, Gatorboard, Wood or Coroplast, etc.
  • Cut to size or shape with our digital cutter
  • Lettering and cutting of vinyl adhesive to exact shape.
  • Preparation of made-to-measure vinyl banners, sewn, glued or thermo-welded, with reinforcements and eyelets
  • Fabrics cut and sealed with heating knife, with reinforced seam or sheaths for suspension by wood or metal studs
  • Kiosks and structures for exhibitions
  • Custom-made aluminum frames for fabrics
  • Installation service for vinyl adhesives for commercial displays on windows, murals, small vehicles and large surfaces
  • Exterior and interior banners installation
  • Equipment:
    • Seal Image 6000 Laminator
    • GBC 620os 30″ Laminator
    • Falcon 60″ Laminator
    • Discovery 18″ Laminator

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